8 Quick Tips to help you enjoy Thailand

If it is your first time to visit the Kindom of Thailand here are 8 Thailand tips to help you enjoy our country.

On visiting a new place it can be a good idea to find out a little inside knowledge. These tips have been drawn from a frequent Asian traveler named Dennis Akimoto who shared his thoughts on Quora.

Eat where the locals eat

Not only will you get some delicious food, but you’ll also pay amazingly cheap prices. Food poisoning rarely happens but if you are concerned just find a place where a lot of locals are eating. Thais are fastidious and will not eat anywhere that has a bad reputation.

Slow down

Slow and keep an eye open for the little things. There are so many details to enjoy.

Smile more… Talk Less

Smile… seriously a smile will go a long way. The Thai will be more tolerant of you if you just smile.

Take a sleeper train

Take the 2nd class overnight sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Take in the misty mountain views when you wake up the next day. Note: go to the train station a few days before to buy your ticket. While you’re in that area China town is a fun place to visit, especially the narrow dark alleys.

Bonus hack: In the morning, although there may not be an official breakfast, sometimes the porters will sell you a cup of coffee as a side hustle. Just mention coffee quizzically in the morning and hope for the best.

Look for accommodations outside tourist areas

Look for accommodations on the outskirts of tourist areas. They are usually quieter and cheaper.

Take advantage of what Bangkok offers

Ride a motorbike taxi, take the canal boat taxi, visit the Wats until you’re Watted out, take an evening stroll down Sukhumvit near the Nana and Asoke BTS use Google maps and wander around areas that are shaded and away from tourist hot spots, these are typically dense neighborhoods where the locals live where you will find all sorts of food and awesome randomness. Yes its very safe since you are in their front yards where everyone knows each other. If you feel out of place see tip #3.

Beware of Monkeys

Watch out for monkeys. They will steal anything that’s not secured or hidden.

By the way, wild monkeys are mostly found in the south around jungles and beaches and some temples. They are not around Bangkok or anywhere north except in zoos.

Have Fun

Have fun, explore, learn some basic etiquette, try speaking a couple of Thai greetings and most of all see tip #3

Image by engin akyurt from Pixabay

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